martes, 7 de abril de 2015

The Connected Painters

Hi! My name is María and I’m a Primary Education teacher. I finished last year my degree and this year I’m doing a Master’s Degree in Bilingual Education. We are learning a lot with the Master’s subjects, specially with the subject entitled The use of ICT and Digital Resources.

Through this subject where are learning how to teach our students, to be able to manage the amount of information on Internet, useful web services, tools and apps to create motivating content and the most important, to be safe when we are connected.

One of the most important activities that we are doing is creating our eBook. We have been working step by step, participating in a collaborative brainstorming, creating our own Creative Commons License, choosing the subject, taking ideas and evaluating other eBooks, selecting the resources that we are going to use and creating the skeleton of our eBook.

Now, as part of InfoEDUgraphics, each of us has created an infographic of our eBook. For my eBook, I have chosen Canva, because it is easy to create your own designs and you can add a lot of illustrations, graphics, images, bubbles, and so forth

For this presentation, I have decided to use the same format as the skeleton of our eBook and I have tried to do it more visual and clear. As you can see there are five big blocks: Content, Communication, Methodology, Materials and Resources, Key Competence and Evaluation. Inside of each one there are the most important things that we are going to work with along this eBook, including the tasks and activities.

Hope you like it! The Connected Painters

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