jueves, 2 de abril de 2015

The ancient ebook of the storytellers' secrets

Hello everybody!

My name is Marta López Fabero and I'm a 22 year old primary teacher from Madrid. I've joined a Master's Degree about the Bilingual Program and one of my modules is about promoting the ability to include ICT as essential resources in our lessons. My professor has asked me to carry out an assignment that consisted of creating an infoEDUgraphic based on the information of the outline I previously designed for my future digital book (another course project).

Firstly, I chose the tool that I would use from the ones that are presented in the blog to create my infoEDUgraphic. I used Canva because it's a useful resource that allows me to create images in a wide variety of formats such as posters, cards, covers, presentations and social networks posts. Also, the libraries provide a huge amount of different titles, images and icons that look very professional. Moreover, you can upload your own pictures and drawings which was an essential feature when I made my decision.

When I began to draft my infoEDUgraphic, I had to think how to summarize the content. I used two mindmaps created with Bubbl.us to present some information and avoid using a list format.
Once it was clear which aspects of the outline I wanted to highlight,  I began to think about ways of making my idea engaging and entertaining (a basic principle in infoEDUgraphics). I used different pictures and my own drawings, combining them with bright titles and colourful backgrounds. During the process, I noticed that my Canva Design was getting slower because of the increase in the number of slides. Once, the tool overloaded and I had to send an email to the support service of Canva, who solved the problems but I lost part of my work. Anyway, I was able to finish it and I'm very pleased with the result.

I strongly recommend these resources, I'm going to continue using Canva as one of my favourite designing tools and I will continue creating infoEDUgraphics to make my lessons more attractive for my students.

Finally, I would like to show you my infoEDUgraphic

I hope you enjoy it!


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