miércoles, 22 de abril de 2015

Music is Fun

I am so grateful for the opportunity of have been participating in this project. I had no idea what an infographic was, I had seen some before but I did not know what exactly was and I found them very useful. Now, I can summarize an infographic as a work tool where  you can see just at a glance the description of a process with a compilation of pictures supporting some ideas.

For my infoEDUgrafía I was looking for something special that could allow me to include some nice, clear and neat pictures. So that, I took a look at the tools provided in the website of the project (https://sites.google.com/site/infoedugrafias/herramientas) and Canva caught my eye.

Canva has free registration and not only many resources to apply but also a big range of pictures, what I think is very important in order to make my project more visual. So after a while testing how Canva worked the first thing I may say is that you have to be careful when choosing your images or icons because not all of them are for free and they will appear to you mixed up. However, there are plenty of opportunities to be used. The designs are really cool and I enjoyed myself building up my project and selecting different layouts, different kind of texts, labels, charts, pictures, icons and so forth.
In addition to this, Canva is really user-friendly and intuitive but there are two things that I did not like it at all. The first one is that you can not save your project whenever you want, they make it for you every second but sometimes the site get stuck and you loose the latest you made. The other thing is that when I shared the link with the final project some things had changed or disappeared, that is why I think Canva should check this sort of things.

Finally, making infographics with children can be useful and handy for their projects if they need to make a graphic, a chart or a diagram. Furthermore, is good for teachers to reorganise the content and to make successful the teaching-learning process.

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