jueves, 9 de abril de 2015

Investigate about your favourite animals

My name is Aser and I am a Primary school teacher who has worked in state-funded schools for 6 years now. Currently I am the Bilingual Coordinator of CEIP Gonzalo de Berceo in Coslada and I am teaching Science, English and Art in first and second grade.

I made this infographic for my students to be able to investigate and learn on their own. I believe it is a very visual way of explaining something. As you can see, throughout this infographic I developed some general ideas that I will take into account when publishing an e-book. I tried to focus on the why and the how as well as on the what. I decided to use Canva since it is a very friendly and easy to use tool. If I were to publish another infographic I would use the same tool.

Here you are my outcome:

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