martes, 12 de abril de 2016

Olympic Games in Europe

Travelling around Europe is the name of the CLIL collaborative e-project a team of Master's Degree Pre-Service teachers are developing these days at URJC.

Meet them through their Twitter handles or visit their portfolios:

María Dolores Berral Raya @lolaberralraya 'Experiencing being a bilingual teacher'.

María Inmaculada Caballero Torres @teacher_inma 'CLIL with teacher Inma'.  

Ana Martín Vincent @ana_mv9 'Learning with Ana'

Natalia Menchón Rodriguez @Nataliamenchon 'ICT + CLIL Useful Learning'

Elena Ortiz Martin  @elena_ormar 'Learning About ICT in Bilingual Teaching'

Victor Rodriguez Sanchez @VictorodRS 'Education is the beginning'

As part of this e-project they want to introduce the infographic they have elaborated with a key aim: providing their students with guidance to tackle one of the tasks within the full e-project.

They consider an infographic as a visual representation of data. In the one they are presenting, you can see follow up directions about the task they expect their Third Grade students to tackle.  They believe that this is a good resource for both teachers and students.

In their opinion Piktochart, the e-tool they have chosen, is the perfect tool to create attractive infographics, and presentations or reports for their lessons. Among its features they highlight the templates, backgrounds, graphics and different types of fonts. When one finishes one's design, one can also download it in different formats or share it.  They claim they cannot think of any disadvantage since they consider that it worked fantastic and allowed them to develop their digital outcome without any problem.

As they have mentioned before, teachers can use infographics for many purposes in lessons. For instance, to support learners with special needs, as an infographic allows the teacher to present information in a more visual way; or to clarify those concepts that are usually more difficult to understand. Furthermore, due to its ease of use, students can  use it too.  For example they could use it to summarize their learning. In this way, apart from revising one subject content they would also have the possibility to practise their ICT skills!

View the full educational infographic by these future Primary CLIL teachers clicking in the link above or simply here.

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