jueves, 28 de abril de 2016

Do you know your neighbourhood?

Another CLIL e-project coming from URJC is coming today. It is called 'Do you know your neighborhood?'

It is a collaborative e-project carried out by a team of Pre-Service Teachers in the Master’s Degree of Bilingual Education at URJC.

The team is composed by:
@Alvaro_Gope, @Marta_Gayarre, @22paau, @maradominguezgo and @nepeusp.

They want to introduce their e-project throughout the infographic they have elaborated using the tool called 'Canva'. The aim of the infographic is that students know how the projects work through visual support and the augmented reality of Aurasma.

From their point of view,  it is important as teachers to bear in mind the benefits that the use of infographics for our students has. It allows them to learn better and it has a lot of positive effects for those whose learning style is visual.

As regards the tool they used, 'Canva', it has a lot of resources in order to create an infographic. However, only few things are free, but the tool allows you to create your own template. In their group, they decided to create their own design and the final result is great!

They strongly recommend to use it!

Scan the QR code and Use the Aurasma app if you want to discover more!

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