martes, 19 de abril de 2016

Let's learn about Animals

Today we are sharing an augmented educational infographic shared by a team of pre-service Primary Teachers from URJC:

María Collado: @maria_collado92

Laura Pérez: @LauritaPerz

Guillermo Lagarejos:  @GLHmaster

Teresa Martín:  @Teresa_md

Marina Goizueta: @GoizuetaMarina

Sara Rodríguez: @SaritaSar0

This augmented infographic has been designed with Piktochart first and then augmented with Aurasma. In order to reveal the hidden augmented educational value, these teachers have placed detailed instructions for students to be able to accomplish the challenge. Do not hesitate to follow their public channel at Aurasma and discover it yourself too.

This team, working on a CLIL e-project for Primary Education at the moment, claim that

'Working with infographics is a very illustrative way to show our students whatever we want as teachers of primary education. Any content of any subject could be taught through a project with Infographics.
For us, while we were doing this challenge, we realised that working on "Infographics" is a very helpful way to summarize in a visual way any content.'

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