martes, 26 de abril de 2016

Learning about the body & senses with ICT

Today we are sharing an educational infographic aimed at learning about the body and the senses for Primary CLIL education.

This infographic has been designed by a team of students at the URJC working on a CLIL e-project called Body and senses. It is a collaborative e-project carried out in the Master’s Degree of Bilingual Education.

They want to introduce their e-project throughout the infographic they have elaborated using the tool called “Piktochart”. The main aim of it is to provide our third graders with a visual support of the main task they are going to do. 

From these pre-service teachers' point of view, the use of infographics is a great resource to be included in the classroom since it eases the understanding of the instructions and it fosters the learning-teaching process. In this light, both teacher and students can take advantage of this fantastic webtool.

Related with the tool they used, “Piktochart”, they believe that it is a great e-tool which allows us to create engaging infographics in order to present projects and other kinds of visual presentations. It offers many features, backgrounds, icons, pictures and templates to personalise work as the customization is much nicer and it provides a dynamic experience rather than using traditional resources. Moreover, you can upload your own images, video, maps and modify them. 

It is a great free resource, available online so everybody can use it only by signing up - freely, too. For these reasons, they highly recommend Piktochart due to its simplicity and usefulness. 

Have a look at their infographic on the following link:

The whole team hope you like it! 

Here you can meet these pre-service teachers and learn more about their team on:

Raquel Diez Alonso → Twitter: @raqueldial & e-Portfolio:
Celia Lancharro Román → Twitter: @celialancharro & e-Portfolio:
Patricia Madrueño Sierro → Twitter: @patimasie & e-Porfolio:
Natalia Martínez Domínguez → Twitter: @NataliaMD93 & e-Portfolio:

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