jueves, 14 de abril de 2016

How to create your own timeline

Today we are sharing an infographic by a group of students at the Rey Juan Carlos University in Madrid. They want to collaborate in our project as part of their ICT subject within the Master's Degree on CLIL and Primary Education they are currently doing. 

They are working on a collaborative CLIL e-project about History, so they want to share with us the infographic they have created for students to design their own online timeline. 

For this purpose they have decided to use Piktochart, which they think is a great tool to create infographics easily. They claim this online web tool allows people to use images, icons, backgrounds, different text formats and templates and whatever they like to add. The result is amazing and the best thing: everything is free! 

Here you are their digital outcome:

This infographic is aimed at a CLIL history lesson in which students will be able to design an online timeline on their own. Since they will be doing something autonomously they will learn the content while they enjoy working with ICT.

If you want to contact, visit their portfolios or/and follow them on Twitter:

Ana Fuerte: @AnaFuerteCano
Laura González: @LauraGonGar5
Salvador López: @Salvador1987lop
Gabriela Marquez: @GabrielaMqz
Rubén Peinado: @rpeinadog
Nieves Yan: @nievesyan317

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